Courage Care Disposable Underpads, Blue Incontinence Bed Pads 23x36 - 300 Count


  • DISPOSABLE UNDERPADS: These disposable underpads also known as chux bed pads for females male and kids
  • BED MATS FOR INCONTINENCE: Courage Care incontinence pads a waterproof barrier to protective bed pads for incontinence
  • MULTIPLE USES: We offer protect beds, & other surfaces from accidental spills furniture and loved ones experiencing incontinence puppy dogs or cat pets
  • BED PADS DISPOSABLE EXTRA LARGE: They're available in 23x36 sizes and pads for beds for incontinence adultsth bulk quantity 300 underpads per case
  • PROTECTORS TO KEEP DRY ALL NIGHT: Time with four layers of underpad protection, making them perfect for overnight use


Product Description

If you are searching for a product that reduces the time between changes of bedding, these Courage Care Moderate Absorbent Underpads are what you need. The discomfort and mess that comes with incontinence and bed-wetting can be challenging to deal with, and is embarrassing for the person suffering from an uncontrollable urinary or bladder problem. These incontinence underpads by Courage Care effectively absorb and lock in urine to eliminate unpleasant wet patches, puddles and odors, increasing the comfort of you, your child or your loved one throughout the day and night, and protecting your bed sheets. Designed with 5 layers of advanced moderate absorbent polymer, these disposable incontinence pads dry in 60 seconds, locking away any moisture and liquids to protect the skin from maceration, and reducing the pH of the urine to eliminate the smell. Comfortable soft non-woven fabrics top surface, 2 breathable tissue paper fill layer, moderate absorbent fluff pulp and SAP inner layer and leakage-proof non slip PE film, keeping liquid away from skin to promote sound sleep and peace of mind for adults or children. These supremely comfortable quilted and absorbent pads, also commonly referred to as “Chux” offer a reliable, discreet, and comfortable solution. These effective incontinence bed pads are easy to use on all types of bed, and have been designed for use by kids, adults, seniors, men, women and even pets. If you're a pet owner, you can use these potty pads for pee training your puppy or dog when they have to go for an urgent wee wee!